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Add scroll easing to Genesis “Return to Top of Page” link

There’s one slightly cool feature built into Genesis that’s always bothered me a bit because it’s so jarring: the Return to Top of Page link in the footer just slams the browser window back to top. I happened across a pretty lightweight way to make tha…

S3 Flowshield: Why does my video take forever to load?

Since this has tripped me up twice – with no excuse for the second time since Flowshield support had given me the friggin’ answer two months prior – I figured I’d post this here so I can find it again. The reason it takes forever for videos to start pl…

Remove Post Meta or Post Info from Custom Post Types

It happens fairly often that we have a client who needs a custom post type as well as the usual blog/news feature. We need post meta and/or post info to show up for the news posts, but we don’t need that information on the custom post type since that i…

Remove Items from WordPress Admin

Sometimes our clients don’t need access to everything WordPress offers — most often, the Links and Comments areas. Rather than cause confusion, we just hide what they isn’t needed:

Move Titles Around in Genesis

From time to time, we like pulling titles out of the normal flow of the page and put them somewhere else. Like above the content-sidebar div (or whatever div holds the page content). This causes problems, though; a customized homepage layout ends up wi…

Evaluate Types & Views Content; Don’t Display Empty Fields

Now that we’re all in love with Types & Views, we had to figure out how to evaluate custom fields to determine whether they should be displayed. After an hour of beating our heads against the wall, we came up with the code below. The thing that tri…

CPT Single Post Template with Content Check

This code is written to work with Pippin’s Easy Custom Post Types. While we’re making heavy use of Types & Views these days (check them out, they’re freaking awesome), we thought this code might be handy to someone out there in WP land. We used thi…

Use custom field to assign content well background

Can I write a plugin that will give me the ability to upload a photo and assign it to .wrap or .content? We’ll see. The beginning of the idea is here on this post.

Why limit yourself to Thesis Hooks?

Nuh uh. Not when you can start using WordPress Action Hooks to get more done!