Who Are We?

Dave Kuhar

Dave Kuhar

Dave's in Northeast Ohio. The Golden Gate Bridge is behind him because he lived in the Bay Area and wants to return as soon as yesterday.

He created The Media Cellar in 1999 and can't believe it's been that long, to tell you the truth. Transmit Studio is an offshoot of that company, focused on building great websites.

Dave’s work has also included corporate identity packages, tradeshow graphics, corporate video and television production, magazine and marketing literature design and layout, copywriting and editing, packaging design, and the creation of just about any other marketing material you can think of.

Joe Mendel

Joe Mendel

Joe’s abode is near beautiful Vancouver, BC. He’s proprietor of Hole in the Sky Media, handcrafters of fine WordPress code and whatnot. Joe suffers from a self-diagnosed disorder known as MSI, or Multiple Simultaneous Interests. He also seems to have a touch of OCD, which causes him to build web sites pixel by pixel. Literally. Drives Dave nuts.

Joe finds interesting, unexpected ways to use WordPress, building custom office management systems with plenty of esoteric tools. After years of steadfastly refusing to believe page builders are a good idea, he's found a home with Elementor.

He's often soaked in dog spit and smells like the ocean on a sunny day.

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