This isn’t anything too complicated, but if you’re like us you sometimes lose track of which server or environment you’re working on. So we whipped up a tiny plugin that’ll light up the WordPress admin bar in different colors depending on where you are. At the moment, for us, that’d be either WP Engine or SiteDistrict. If you’re working on any WP Engine-hosted staging site, the bar will be red. If you’re on a site like it’ll be blue. Simple. If you need another environment added it’s a pretty easy change to make. Just pop open the plugin file and add your custom condition. Maybe someday we’ll make this thing configurable but for now it’s good enough.

We’ve also removed the comments icon from the WP admin bar, because we pretty much never allow commenting, replaced the goofy “Howdy” message with “Hello,” and disabled WP 5.5’s auto update feature.

Grab it here.