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Flip position of site title and description in Genesis

You wouldn’t think this would be so hard to find, but it seems nobody has written how to put the site description above the site title in Genesis. Or my google-fu is exceptionally weak today. In any case, it’s actually quite easy, and this is a whole lot safer than mucking about with CSS positioning: You’re…

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Center menus in Genesis

It drives me nuts that there’s no obvious, easy way to center the nav bar in Genesis (or, to be fair, in most WordPress themes/frameworks). Stumbled across this the other day and found it works really well. If you are using a subnav, change #nav to #subnav in the above CSS. If you are using…

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Add scroll easing to Genesis “Return to Top of Page” link

There’s one slightly cool feature built into Genesis that’s always bothered me a bit because it’s so jarring: the Return to Top of Page link in the footer just slams the browser window back to top. I happened across a pretty lightweight way to make that slicker – a little bit of JavaScript: And a…

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Move Titles Around in Genesis

From time to time, we like pulling titles out of the normal flow of the page and put them somewhere else. Like above the content-sidebar div (or whatever div holds the page content). This causes problems, though; a customized homepage layout ends up with an unwanted title, category and archive pages display the first post…

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