What We Do


Powerful Content Management

We’re WordPress people. From the size of the developer community to the ever-growing list of add-ons, we believe in the platform. You'll benefit from using an easy, intuitive editor/media manager/search-engine-friendly platform. We’ll train you to use it, and we’ll be here if you have questions.


The Right Tools for the Job

There is a staggering number of add-on tools for WordPress; some are great and some, well...we avoid those. We've lost track of the number of tools we've researched and tested. And if there isn't a tool that does exactly what we need, we build one.


WordPress Repair and Turbocharging

Already have a WordPress site? Is it running slowly? Getting hacked a lot? Or does it just feel kind of hinky? Maybe it's a lot harder to use than you thought it'd be. Well, we've repaired, tuned, and disinfected plenty of WordPress sites. Give us a call and we'll get our WordPress Repair service going right away!

Cloud Server

Your Website On Our Dedicated Server

We don't skimp on hosting. Transmit Studio's clients are hosted with dedicated WordPress hosting systems for flexibility, speed, support, and security. We have 24/7 access to stellar support staff, and they blow us away with their service and professionalism! In addition to daily backups, we also make use of advanced cacheing and CDN services. If that's all mumbo-jumbo, how's this: we do everything we can to make sure your site will be secure, backed up, and blisteringly fast.

WordPress DB

Backups, Security, and Integrity

As part of our WordPress Hosting+ service, we ensure that your database is backed up and secure. We scan your site for vulnerabilities. And we keep the code that runs your site up to date. Your business depends on a functioning website, and we do all that we can to keep that site running.